Webmaster tips Website created visible, easily indexed

Optimal visibility of Web pages to achieve high rankings on search engines in general and Google Seach for the blind , Accessible Search , in particular .

One of the most common questions relating to a matter Web visibility rank high in the search engines for the Blind ( Accessible Search ) .

Similarly, the webmaster is always asking questions , ” How to rank high in the search engines of Google ? ” . During this article , I ‘ll tell you how to make that a hit: two purposes :
The focus of the site as part of the approved scheme page ( site navigation ) to be created and applied to all users , including Google spiders .

Here are a few guidelines that you should make sure all the parts theo.Dam important content can be accessed beto access to content , it needs to be found .

Users often and the spiders will find content through hypertext links ( hyperlinks ) , so your first step is to ensure that all content on your website is found through the HTML with hypertext links .

Avoid hiding the important content of the web page behind some form of technology Flash.Duong JavaScript or hypertext links lead the path is created through HTML courses . Next, you must ensure that all cards of all such paths are the real URLs instead of an executable paths through space and behavior of such lenhonclick .

In short, avoid using hypertext links following formats :


<a href=”#” onclick=”javascript:void(…)”> web promotion < / a>

Instead, use simple path than follow the following form :

<a href=”http://www.vietseo.net/”> Web Promotion < / a>
Instead, use simple path than follow the following form : Make sure to read the contents

To be useful , the content needs to be displayed to all users . Make sure that all important content on the Website will be displayed in the HTML document text .
These contents can be provided and users are not required to lend directly to the task scripts on the page .

The content hidden behind Flash animation or text generated by the browser each time execute JavaScript difficult for Googlebot ( Google’s spiders ) as well as most other visually impaired users .
Presented in the order docPhan content we will refer to the contents read , a reader often needs to monitor content in a logical sequence .

If you use a multi- column table to layout the content of your website , you should look back and analyze the way you create the effect desired layout . For example, when using the table (s ) it is very difficult to HTML links related components together in a sequence logic.Tat both these effects can be done with CSS and presented in a logical sequence with components
in HTML .

In addition, you can create content faster when displaying the page .

Additional visual content – Do not worry thuaViec balance increased visibility of information does not mean collapse site as pure text documents .
Ensure the content displayed through the effective image when the image is missing .

This goes beyond simply adding alt tags to the images involved . Make sure the text is close images help explain the use of the aforementioned images and depicted the conclusion that you want users to see the image would have imagined .

In a nutshell , if you want people to understand that the image of such a bridge , add the text around the image.
More information and a summary of the notes to the reader to assess the initial information before going into the detailed analysis of each .

Add effects such as displaying information on the display mode for the context described in detail .

If you follow the instructions above, make sure the quality of your website is also increased benefits for users .
As a positive effect , you will see that your site indexed better .