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Analysis of frequently asked questions and offer the Webmaster of optimal solutions for search engine Google .

In the process of building both the technical and content Website , you are sure to have more anxiety and hesitation in the use of optimization techniques to promote the best in website to users through search engines .
Or perhaps you first discover the very small note but following a major influence on your Web site ranking .
This article will VietSEO with your analysis of the common concerns and learn the Webmaster and optimal plans for Google .

Dash ( – ) and underscore ( _ ) in the process of creating folders and paths will make many wonder Webmaster use hyphens ( dashes – ) or an underscore ( _ underscores ) .
Google usually divide the individual from , so if you use this separator characters , you will help Google ‘s parsing URLs easier. Previously, Google only use a hyphen ( – ) as word separators not count from the underscore ( _ ) . But with the current algorithms , the differences between these two delimiters becomes less. Even in the absence of separation from the adjacent tag sequence can sometimes be separated filter . For example , ” thuthuat ” can be understood as “tricks ” rather than ” enema Huat ” . The use of delimiters as mentioned above is a good habit , but not so that you have to convert all the existing path to move from tile to tile under the iron . Keywords in the URL in the process of building Web pages , there are many people with VietSEO questions about the role of keywords in the URL.
As in the series on Web promotion tips , you should give a detailed description and a comprehensive Web site : from the title , meta tags , alt tags , and of course all in the URL. This is helpful to first read and that is why the search engines so that they understand the contents of the document profile . Envision if you take a photo a rose ( Today is Valentine should think ) , the camera will automatically set a name like ” IMG_1402.jpg ” .
Before you see it , you will not have further information to know which is nothing but an image . The search engine is different from a user, it does not understand the content of the image ( at least till now 14-02-2008 ) .

So you should rename it to ” flower – hong – valentine.jpg ” , this helps blind users ( including search engines ) to better understand the document content . Similarly , if you write a post about Valentine’s Day gifts you may have read and understand the content of the article with a link containing the name ” through – the – right – le – crystal – yeu ” rather than a URL path ending with ” postid = 1234 ” .

Secondary domain name and subdirectory ( vs Subdomains . Subdirectories ) Before we take a closer definition of the secondary domain name and how subfolders : For example : ” subdomain.example.com / subdirectory / ” in the path ” subdomain ” is the secondary domain name was ” subdirectory ” is a subdirectory . To better understand the you can reference the URL path components . If your content is located in a subfolder of it , the entire code will be placed on the same shared storage devices . This makes it easy to search , edit , or change the code . You also easier to move code to place this letter to others.

However, for the secondary domain name , usually the name of the destination management system DNS domain name . Configuration of wireless it is often less difficult for Web administrators .

Subdomains can help you separate the content part of the site ( if you decide to use DNS to resolve the domain name from which you can access the content on the site ) but it makes it difficult to relocate ( to replace DNS configuration changes instead of just moving a simple folder ) . Previous page of Google results , it can show the results for the two subdomains of the main domain name . But sometimes the results are long- only pages related to a domain name and the Webmaster has exploited this by cutting them into small site of many subdomains . Now Google’s algorithm has changed and the long list of results related only to a primary domain name is no longer found on Google . The use subdomains or subfolders are depending on demand , the content of each site with different ingredients . VietSEO However , when you use the domain name , then Google see it as a new domain name and you have to start the SEO campaign .
While the use subfolders gives you the advantage from the main page rankings and help you to more easily manipulate and edit management .

SEO Services Moving to a new IP address when you decide to change the IP address , the most common is the case move host , you should follow these steps a process to ensure that the search engines scan and indexing your Web site on an ongoing basis and avoid anti- spam filters can be applied to the relevant domain name : Change parameter TTL ( Time To Live ) value lower down by the configuration management system DNS domain name management .

For example, you can set 5 minutes ( 300 seconds ) . This value allows the browser to manually check your IP address every 5 minutes sau.Sao page copy the contents to a new host and make sure it works on moi.Thay IP address DNS configuration change that name domain point to the new IP address .

View logs files to make sure Googlebot spiders began decision on the new IP address . You can use the tool of Google Webmaster Tools to find out the loi.Dam sure that everyone is informed relocating and looking through the old IP address for the last time before completely remove .

Many Webmaster use proxies found that their Web site indexed with the pi put your content through the Web proxy . If you look closely there are often duplicate content to the same page in search results . The original version usually has the latest version higher rankings from proxy pi cheating .