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The concept of Web promotion ( Search Engine Optimization – SEO ) and Web site promotion methods , tips Complete Blog promotion .

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is roughly translated Vietnamese optimized for search engines , called web promotion . This term is interpreted , fully defined means to optimize website pages rank high in the search of the computer in order to bring traffic users , potential customers when they find Search keywords related to the content of Web pages .

Web Promotion – Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) Website Optimized for search engines SEO Web promotion is a form via search engines ( Seach engine ) .

It is a combination of tactics , tips Webmaster to influence the ranking Web pages ( or personal blog ) on search engines to attract both volume and quality of visitors to a web site from search engines for information .

With a certain keyword in accordance with web content , just as your website address among the first 10 pages of search engine results , the new location is considered to be good and bring more people access .

Therefore, the promotion is sometimes a matter of survival for many Web sites . SEO Techniques for web promotion tactics set to permission : Introduction to the Web site engine kiem.Giup search engines , spiders indexing Web pages easily and fully , then return the results for Internet users . There is a highest possible position in the search results . Ie satisfying the requirements of the algorithm determines the authentication information of each search engine in order to appear in the first result , the first page if possible . We will address issues in the following Web promotion . In my opinion , the term SEO – Website promotion – indirectly translated in the order of priority is ” Attracting traffic potential users , intrigued by the contents of the Web site has been optimized through the machine search ” method promotion Website an overview and simple , there are two opposing methods of website promotion : White hat methods shall be conducted in a reasonable manner , adhering to the rules set by the engine kiemPhuong black hat methods : Web promotion based on how to exploit the flaw , fault , or the way in violation of rules though but the search engines are not detected . VietSEO with the motto of sustainable development will not mention the tricks beat the search engines then true recipe for long-term risks . In limited posts , VietSEO will have to know and understand the extent of their experience , will discuss with the owners personal blog ( Blogger ) or Website Administrator ( Webmaster ) Web promotion tactics pure respect the rules of search engines or portals integrated information filtering and separation . Trick Trick promote WordPress Blog SEO Blog is a part of the discussion of VietSEO , to easily track your reading , I had to split into separate threads .