Video Search Engine Optimization

To display your videos actually followed in search result pages ( Search Engine Results Page – SERP ) , you have to optimize Web pages , videos and text around video content .
To display your videos actually followed in search result pages ( Search Engine Results Page – SERP ) , you have to optimize Web pages , videos and text around video content .

Video optimized for search engines ( Video Search Engine Optimization ) will help search engines understand the content and put it in a higher position in search results . Optimizing put video on your website Search Engine Optimization Videos HTML video When placed around a video up on the website , you should set the HTML content of this video around .
The spiders will analyze this information to better understand the content of video.Ten , title , describe this information will not be enough for your video ranked high on the search results page .

But if this lack of information is certainly difficult to have your video good ranking .

See the book title , path, and the account of ta.Video Files Metadata Optimization You should put the keywords in the data tag information . The book describes video tag will help determine the content of the video by tag easier . However, if you abuse the search engines will put this video on the page containing the form of spam .

The keyword ” video ” There are many opinions around this issue , however the Search Engine Strategies conference recently , many SEO experts that should add the word ” video ” in the title , link , description , .. will help search engines understand the content and bring more visitors and link back to honLien Like the Website optimization often , also require the SEO video links point to ( backlink ) with keywords and correlated sentences in the anchor text . This is necessary for both the video on your website as well as on the sharing site video.Video Sitemaps / MRSS / RSS To help spiders easily indexed video content Website , you create an XML sitemap , RSS or media RSS ( MRSS ) .

The Sitemap helps spiders to locate and index Videos To dang.Thu video section Put all your videos in one position in the root directory will help identify spiders and indexing some easy.

Put all your videos into a folder and upload the videos in the same folder nay.Flash Video Players As you know , the spiders indexing Flash poor programs , including Flash Video Players . Although Google’s recent algorithm allows indexing Flash Website easier but should avoid using Flash Video Players the.Toi priority if similar path URLs SEO Website Like usually , when optimally Video Website , you should optimal path so that they make sense , attached compact , easy to remember and follow a logical structure .

Make sure that each video is only one path and only one URL only. This helps to avoid duplicate content on the same page .

Sign Up Upload Video Optimization : Search engines This video requires you to upload your video ; RSS Optimization : Register your videos to the RSS search engines accept or MRSS : Social Media Optimization : Subscribe to content video sharing social network .

This will get you more visitors and vote on that social network . Optimize video on the video page and search page to share your videos when placed on the search engine pages to share videos or videos , you remain conducting SEO optimized video sections related to video name , title , described , video Files Metadata , add the word ” video ” tag content and tag or find the link and reverse link as above .

However, on page SEO video search video sharing sites or videos have some of the features : Create a good thumbnails , the first and last frames Video thumbnail image for the video feature that users see before decide which videos to watch . The search engine will have videos of different methods produce different thmbnails video . Some will take the first pictures while others took pictures somewhere in the videos . You have to understand the behavior of each page to display the video image to represent your video desire .

The first brand image and ultimately very important for branding . Put logo on it as well as URL and other information that you need to create thiet.Sang most important thing is your video content to be creative and unique. That is the best way to get links pointing to your video sharing sites . Optimizing Future video search engine is attempting to expand the search range and improves search quality . In particular there is the multimedia data such as audio , images , videos .

But until now, the search engine hcir based largely on the information component video around as HTML source code around the video , title, describe , tag and URL tags rather than the content of this multimedia files . In the future , as technology improves , the search is definitely the SEO optimization techniques will change videos . With video search engine rely heavily on OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ) , voice or image , the optimal content vieo mainly lies in the optimization of video content .

For example, when voice recognition , you should read and clearly recorded to help search engines identify the content easier . However, as written above , the search engine for the present time and is still largely based around video elements .

SEO optimization for video , in addition to the tips above , you should register more at the social bookmarking site ( social bookmarking sites ) or the tools to increase the popularity of your videos and generate more traffic . You should also care little how to create , upload content videos from the perspective of the search .