Usability and search engine rankings

Usability ( usability ) and ranking of Web pages on the search engines. Optimal way , promoting a Web site.

Does the search engine , the search for attention to usability ( usability ) of the Web site ? Is there any difference between a page with easy to browse other sites ? This article will address the usability of Web pages and rankings on search engines.

A Yahoo patent points out that the search engines take into account aspects of page design Web.Tai This document contains many statistics that search engines will use to determine the usability of Web pages .
Availability are important for search engines

Patent aforementioned quote a short explanation why search engines take into account the availability of Web pages :

Creating a Web site easy and comfortable to use is very important , this is particularly important for mobile Web sites want to make money . [ … ]

If a page is not easy and comfortable while browsing , the ability to make money from this site will be greatly suppressed . One of the conventional index Web pages easy and comfortable to use , or not called ” anarchy ” ( clutter )

Web pages with good usability are often specialized in 1 pages with a higher exchange rate of the ” chaos” . In addition, the site has high availability , the quality is often higher than other sites and search engines will try to show the high availability page in the site ‘s search .
These factors determine the search engine chaos

Yahoo’s patent provides a list of 51 elements in Web pages allows the analysis to calculate the ” chaos” of a Web page :

Total number of links
Total number of
Total images (not advertising image )
Region image displayed on the screen (not advertising image )
The page size
The area of ​​the page ( total )
Page length
Total table
The maximum number of table columns ( each table )
The maximum number of line tables ( each table )
Total column
Total number of lines
Total number of cells
Average distance apart ( each table )
Average distance in ( each panel )
Portion size was observed on the screen
The viewport is on screen
Position the center of focus compared between sites
Total font size for links
Total size of the font used for the title
Total size of the font used for text
Total font size
Page layout is beautiful
Total color code ( except advertising )
Aligning components of the page
The brightness of the page
Fixed width and relative of page
Weight page ( page load time )
Total ad
Total area of advertising
The area of each ad unit
The area ‘s largest ad size front sight
The area ‘s largest advertising
Total area is the largest ad on page visibility
Distance from ads to page content
Total external ad pages located on vision
Total underlying advertising outside of page views
Total external advertising
Total advertising within sight of sites located on
Total underlying advertising within sight of the page
Total advertising within
Total advertising sponsored links located on the radar
Total advertising sponsored links under the radar
Total advertising sponsored links
Total advertising images are on the radar
Total advertising images under the radar
Total advertising images
Total ad text is on the radar
Total ad text under the radar
Total advertising text
Ad placement on the page

According to this patent , then Yahoo will take into account the presence of the flash animations and image ads as well as the average brightness of these ads .
Optimize your Web site

A Web site with high availability will significantly improve the exchange rate moved on . If your Web site has a lot of visitors but only sold very few or very few desired task is done, you are sure that the Web site was ” chaotic ” and you must improve site usability web that .

Google also has a similar patent as ” detect and eliminate troublesome documents ” . Thereby , the well-designed Web site will be more appreciated and naturally have a higher ranking .

So the HTML source code of your website to impress good for the search engines . If they do not see the logical content of this page can not rank high on the search engines.