Than SEO rankings

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions in SEO rankings in Google and Yahoo are all included in the optimization of search engines . Potential clients come to me with a single goal : ” Get me a top ten ranking in Google . ” Some will also mention MSN , and a number of spelling out a list of search engines and want to rank the top 200 of them .

It is time to distinguish fact from fiction .

Yes, I can help you get a top ten position in Google . But …

If that position for ” dirty brown shoes ” , it probably will not help your shoe store one bit , even when I get ranking first place . Very few people actually search terms.

Is the number 10 can not help much , either , depending on the time limit . People who search for ” Nectar liquid vitamin needed ” , will be able to click on the first result they see , or at least on one of the ” on -time ” results without moving . On the other hand , someone searching for ” liquid vitamins ” might check through two result pages to familiarize yourself with the options

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If your title tag reads like a list of search terms cheap , it will not be attractive . For example , if it reads : ” vitamins , liquid vitamin , multivitamin , multi- vitamin , you can skip it in favor of the next result that reads ” Liquid vitamin supplements liquid Vitamin Store ” .

celine handbags If your description tag is a mess, people will likely ignore your list , even if it made ​​some rank , supported by a sound like what they are looking for . Google and others use the description tag usually when the search term is found in it , so be sure to include the search terms your key in a description tag actually read .

Anticipate traffic from SEO results

I recently answered a question on the forum , which goes something like this : My site ranked number one for this term at this engine . The term being searched many times each day , and engine market share percentage . I can expect this many visitors?

It is not an SEO challenge , it’s a math problem : search market share x visitors

I replied to a few factors override mathematics in the SEO game , including the site’s title tag and description tag , as well as whether the loan term itself to move . I also pointed out that it depends on the title tags and description tags of the competition , too .

Another factor that makes predicting traffic difficult is the abandonment factor – how many people click on no results because they get interrupted or cause confusion , or to give up the search for a new because they find themselves off-topic or overly broad search .

It also depends on how many sponsored links and how they are marked . Often at Yahoo and Lycos , for example , there are many search advertising medium can never move a screen to see results or organic (natural ) .

And , of course , it also depends on the color of the walls in the room are pressing the search from the weather outside and how well they slept last night . But there is little you can do about it .

canada goose What you can do is to work with your SEO consultant to select the search terms most effective for your business and make sure that you develop a title tag and description tag for sale both humans and search engines . Then , make sure that he is not just monitoring charts with the conditions of your search key , but also described being used by each search engine .

A good ranking in Google and Yahoo is just one measure of the success of your SEO consultant . A more comprehensive assessment is that he is your partner in building long term traffic targeted