Some notes joining search advertising types: SEO – SEM

Google is developing two types of search advertising , which is the result of the product will be displayed together with the DN tag as natural search results ( SEO ) and Google Adwords ad formats ( SEM ) ….

Currently, the type of search advertising is thriving in our country . But besides that there are still many users , especially enterprise engaged in the type of search advertising have not fully exploited their effectiveness .

With the hope to share the following will help somewhat for those who are interested in this service may be reasonable advertising strategies and avoid wasting joining one of these types of search advertising .

1 . Selecting the type of search ads match

Currently the number of Internet users in Vietnam has risen to 28.2 million people , of which 91 % use search engines , and consumers in our country also has a habit of searching for product information before when shopping , so the search company in the world has expanded services to meet the advertising needs of businesses promote their products .

Accordingly , Google is developing two types of search advertising , which is the result of the product will be displayed together with the DN tag as natural search results ( SEO ) and Google Adwords ad formats ( SEM ) .

” However, each type of search advertising h have different advantages , so users should hold clear information before registering to use the service ” – Mr. Nguyen Minh Quy, CEO of Nova company Ads ( official partner of Google ) share .

Specifically , with this kind of advertising will impact SEO search in the search results in a natural way , so SEO results can provide credit reputation . Besides, to get high SEO results force users to optimize the website according to Google’s criteria , whereas the main criteria is the measure of satisfaction of visitors , thus improving SEO also means increasing the effectiveness of Web sites . In addition, when compared with this kind of advertising is SEO SEM search results provide a comprehensive and sustainable development by the efforts of the company .

However, if companies need to implement campaigns to promote products in short time with reasonable cost , the type of search advertising SEM is the right choice .

If you like this kind of search ads SEO spend a long time to see the SEM will efficiently assist in a comprehensive promotional time period specified . In addition, the ability to customize the advertising content , flexibility in cost management , change product ad … the type of search advertising SEM is a reasonable choice .

In addition, companies also should consider a number of issues in order to avoid wasting the commercials , which is a closer understanding of the terms, editorial guidelines of the search engines , keyword selection case of …


2 . There should implement this kind of search advertising ?


In addition to choosing the type of search advertising in accordance with product promotion campaign , if enterprises decide which partner hiring service providers will need to find the right service provider is the official partner Google , Yahoo to share the practical use of the free analytics tools such as Google Analytics ( website analysis ) , the Conversion Optimizer ( conversion optimization ) , Website Optimizer ( website optimization ) …streaming Beauty and the Beast movie

Mr. Nguyen Minh Quy, CEO of Nova Ads company said the current situation in Vietnam is the DN not pay much attention to the nature and effectiveness of advertising methods on the search engines , so difficult control the market trends , the performance of advertising campaigns … Therefore, to achieve the effect of the advertising campaign , companies should look to the official partner because they have experience deploying hundreds of war services and the knowledge acquired while undergoing the certification exam expert Google , Yahoo .

Besides, the official partners also include specialized software system to perform a series of operations optimization campaign , campaign warning , auto auction , auto change matching , automatic alarm Report … so , campaign management industrialized high accuracy and better cost efficiency through scale.

And if businesses are eligible to deploy different types of SEO or search advertising SEM should also prepare a unique website has content updated regularly , it also pays to have good orientation and high transparency . In addition, companies also need to keep in mind when renting data storage ( hosting ) to ensure good website page load speed , this is the search engine prized bring good experience to the visitor .