Sitelink additional path to the main components

Conceptually, and determine the optimal way to have sitelinks – Links to additional components of the Web site .

seoGan dich vu here , a lot of questions about how to Webmaster showing Sitelinks in Google search results page linked to their Web sites . So what are Sitelinks ? And how this show sitelinks .
What are Google Sitelinks ?

Google Sitelinks are a set of links below the address appearing in the search results page . These links point to the side of the main components that Web page ( See link Website Content ) . It automatically selected by Google’s algorithms .

Here is an example , you can see the path of the additional pages when khoa1 search for ” free4vn ” for example .
sitelinks free4vn
Figure 1 : Illustration of sitelinks Free4vn Donation .

Sitelinks only quiz show with the most common search keywords . For example, you will see the sitelinks displayed for keyword ” free4vn ” , but if you search with the keyword ” free software free4vn ” you will not see the sitelinks . Sitelinks are usually displayed for searches related to brands , marks the site .
Google Sitelinks AEVN
Figure 2 : Google sitelinks Vietnam student
Google sitelinks determining how ?

Google seems to use level 1 links ( links from the home page ) . This means that not all of the links in the home page will not be displayed as sitelinks .

The links can be text links or image with IMG tags and ALT attributes . JavaScript and Flash will not be considered. Google typically use 2 to 8 sitelinks for a website link . However , until now still difficult to know how Google determines the number of links to each page .

The text that is used to describe sitelinks characters can be located in the home page link or the title of the link . It seems that Google likes links located at the top of the homepage.
Add sitelinks for your Web site

Until now , no one is sure know how to identify Google ‘s Sitelinks . However, several factors can affect vital to the Google displays Sitelinks or not :

Your Web site should be the most stable position for a certain keyword . These other Web sites will not have this Sitelinks .
Your Web site must have at least 2 years old . The next page will not have sitelinks .
The number of people seeking you click from page to page of search results keywords also seems certain to be reckoned with . The keywords that are searched or not will not have sitelinks .
The number of links pointing to your site with keyword search in the characters above link ( anchor text ) also influence the creation of Google sitelinks . Sitelinks seems to only show the main keywords of the page and not all the keywords that are listed page .

If your site satisfies the above conditions , then Google will assign sitelinks for your Web page corresponding to the keywords most popular searches related to your website .