SEO tips – Do not be too dependent on the homepage

SEO is one definition of promotion to increase your traffic comes from the search for the keyword on the search engine, and tips about optimizing SEO and link building applies to pretty much to increase pagerank of the homepage . People often think that only high pagerank homepage is sufficient to determine the success of the SEO for your website , because of high pagerank also means that Google will rank the keyword is optimized for home page will be ranked higher on page search results ( SERPs ) . And with the keyword of your traffic homepage that will provide enough revenue for the website development .

But apparently you are too far fetched to homepage developing marketing forget that only 2 to 3 keyword may not be sufficient to ensure steady amount of traffic 1 . The truth is that the source traffic from the homepage only about 30 to 40 % of the total amount of website traffic . People tend to look for small problems and has been classified rather large keyword search but then take the time to sort them .

Take a typical example of the business to understand . For example, you are looking to buy a 1 ” plastic MacBook laptop late life 2008″ , so you said to google and search the keyword ” laptop macbook ”

search macbook

or ” end of life plastic MacBook 2008″

search last modified plastic MacBook

. If it was me , I would choose to search by keyword 2 . So whether your website ‘s homepage is no guarantee that the web search keywords on top of you share . Please answer that is not possible, each 1 page in the website can be optimized for the range of 2 to 3 from a certain department , and there is no reason for you to select one keyword is too small for the home page of your website .

And the fact that you tried to do SEO , trying to cram as much as possible keyword into your website ‘s homepage is a common practice in Vietnam . Some webmasters focus only do SEO for 1 page only forget that the parts content , the new site is smaller in website traffic on major revenue sources for your webite . But this job can only push your work to the unequal one with the big guns in your field , a competition that you are unlikely to win .

Try to split power of website promotion network , to the page in the website to bear, 1 part responsible for the traffic to your website . Many times I have said , the network must be combined strength of concrete website can not concentrate and all the home page . The home page is the first page of direct traffic but it is not the first of the referring site traffic and search engine traffic .

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