SEO: Big Move copy stored by Google

canada goose ( Your website is ready , or you will be playing catch- six months of last year ?

November 2003 may go down in history as the month that Google captured a lot of smug webmasters and optimizing search engine ( SEO ) specialists from the apple tree . But more than likely , it is just a precursor of the BIG shakeup to .

celine handbags Google offers a very high PageRank algorithm secret of it . Although PageRank is only one factor in choosing what sites appear on a specific search , it is the main way that Google decides ” the importance of a web page .

In recent months , SEO specialists have become expert at manipulating PageRank , particularly through link exchange .

Nothing is wrong with the link . They make a Web site rather than a series of isolated islands . However, PageRank is based on nature “democracy ” of the site , whereby webmasters links to websites they feel are important to their customers . Google rightly sees link exchanges are designed to increase PageRank is stuffing the ballot box .

I’m not surprised to see Google trying to fight all SEO efforts . In fact , I was arguing the case with many SEO experts do not believe in the last few months . But I was surprised to see how awkward that Google has chosen to do it .

Google targeting specific search terms , including many of the commercial terms and unbeatable . Many websites lost top spot in about five or six , but maintain their position in a number of other people . This has never happened before . Provide credit for ingenuity Barry Lloyd discovered process .

For Google , this shakeup is just a temporary fix . It will have a much larger change if it is serious about tapping ” democratic ” nature of the Web and disable the artificial result of exchanging links very much .