Search engines display the links in the results

Google Algorithm Changes in major components showing Website ( sitelinks ) . The determination of quicklinks with Yahoo

dich vu saoChac you ‘ve probably familiar with the links ( sitelinks ) , here are the links that point to the important components located deeper in the website . Primary links allow users direct access to the components of this special right from the search results page of Google . Sitelinks are usually applied to large and complex Web pages .
Figure 1 : Example illustrating the link before dayLoi Google ‘s Webmaster for the site owner sitelinks allow searchers overview of the content of the website via the links this particular item and thus the users will better understand the content of the page and direct access to the deeper components of the Website.

Google sitelinks
Google change page displays links

Previously , sitelinks only applies to the website , the first charted Google now applies to all the pages behind . What is more remarkable than the links are located on the same row instead of a column or two columns ( maximum of 8 sitelink )
one -line sitelinks Google

Figure 2 : Primary links on the same line in the Google search results page

This helps users to more accurately assess the comparison based on the links between pages on the search results page of Google . They can directly access the corresponding content .

For webmasters, this helps change the links displayed on search results pages for many different keywords , not just a tag added advantage of websites such as before and , if rich Website , they will be more likely to increase traffic .

According to Google , the glossary :

The links shown below some sites in our search results I , known as the main link is used to help users navigate to your site . Our systems analyze the link structure of your site to find shortcuts help users save time and allow them to quickly find the information they are looking for .

Please note that we only display the link to the website at least three available web page link . If you have two web page links unblock or less , will be the main link does not appear in Google’s search results for your site .

Similar features of Yahoo and Live Search

Yahoo and Microsoft’s Live Search also has a similar feature . For instance with Yahoo , when searching with the keyword ” Vietnam ” on Yahoo VN , the results are as follows :

one -line sitelinks Google

Figure 3 : Links on the Yahoo search results page

If Google called additional paths to the main components are sitelinks then call them back Quicklink Yahoo , while Microsoft calls them as final destination pages

Yahoo Quicklink has been used for several years while Google only application in recent times . In the article on how to determine QuickLink from the query , Yahoo refers to the method of determining quicklinks , the algorithms and the changes will be applied in the future .
The algorithm determines the Link

On the official website , Google only revealed very little and generally as follows :

Currently, the website link is fully automatic . We always strive to improve the algorithm of its associated sites and we can make entry into the webmaster future .

To better understand the algorithm and how to improve the Google link , please refer to the article you read about the Google link that VietSEO had occasion to mention some time ago .

As for Yahoo , through blogs and patent analysis VietSEO occasion , the Yahoo based on the following factors to determine the link :

The query and data storage – query the browser type , to determine how the user query and choose which pages to see
Through the tool bar Toolbar users and data to identify the components on the menu that users use to navigate on website
The links from within and outside the main ingredient Website
Information from social networking sites , bookmark sites , notes or information as
Site Map Website or the server logs that provide network administrators

General statement of VietSEO

The overall goal of all three search engines in the joint use of the search results is to improve the computing experience for users by providing more content and links to component users search .

Queries that often appear as sitelinks query browser – users have to think a certain page or a website they want to browse , but do not remember the exact address of the page , and they will enter the query information in the search box . For example, you want to read the blog would type in the search box ” VietSEO ” instead of entering ” ” in the address bar of your browser. And while you will not find VietSEO page but the main page link VietSEO .
In this case :

Google designed instruction
SEO Tips
Link Building

If you are unhappy with Google’s link , you can remove the tool through Google Webmaster Tools . Yahoo does not have the same functionality that allows administrators to interact with the Web , but probably only a matter of time .

General statement of VietSEO is quite unhappy with the algorithm identified the main link of Google , but the links change regularly , so VietSEO will have to optimize the presentation of content to the user easily easy access to the main content attractive , and thereby get Google as the primary link .

And you what? Feel satisfied with the links suggested by Google?