Search engine optimization and search engine friendly

Designed for optimum natural friendly accessibility while search engine optimization increase efficiency in marketing kiemMoi find correlation between the ability to access ( accessibility ) and marketing through search engines often consider the aspects of creating a web page can be accessed easily and bring more profits from the field of marketing through search engines.

There are many ways to optimize your Website visitors like , use text instead of images , using the XHTML standard technique instead of JavaScript or Flash , to assist visually impaired users (including computer search ) Website content access easy.

The optimal work including the ability to access the Website sign that is also optimized for search data.However there is a huge difference between search engine optimization ( Search Engine Optimization ) and Website optimization search engine friendly ( search Engine Friendly ) .

Most developers interested in accessibility are often friendly Web design with search engine optimization , not search engines.
There is an after the fact as in Web Design : A good programmer can do his job well , but the majority of them to work in customer requirements and not optimized for search engines

This is a fact in the website design company in Vietnam , VietSEO myself too , because I have quite a bit of basic knowledge about search engine optimization , website development , so when the application is usually this on the job . Although optimized for search engines usually require more time and limited the technique can be used to achieve the same presentation requirements .
And in any project regardless of package design services and Web promotions , VietSEO always create content search engine friendly even if not requested by the client hang.Su customers optimize and measure between kiemTieu engine friendly title and meta description tag

A Web page is optimized as often thoroughly researched and tested the header ( title ) , describe ( description ) for the search engines.
A Web site search engine friendly , then it usually has a title and description accurate , compact and mounted on a single page ( to avoid duplication with other pages on the website )

VietWebsite all content is optimized for search engines generally have been content to write a carefully calculated way , combining the keywords in sentences with syntactic position and optimal job here is to stimulate basic readers conducted desired tasks . Meanwhile, the website search engine friendly content to be written , clearly presented and easy to understand , target audience as much as possible

Orientation Web browser optimized internal dungTrang often designed to drive customers follow the link to the page orientation execute tasks such as purchasing products , registration , ordering , find products and services . Meanwhile, a site search engine friendly navigation bar to create easy access to search , access important content components should be indexed .

Development of thuatMot Website optimized for search engines is often the result of many months or many years of research , finding stuff to get the best results for the user the ability to search and profits effectiveness of traffic .
A website search engine friendly is a product of the development process , from the technical building user-friendly design , comply with regulations and design standards Website Design .

Statistics from dungWebsite is optimized as a result of thorough research , regularly updated , requiring statistical results , track user’s habits to better customize hon.Website friendly machine search results are aggregated from the technical expertise is very helpful for optimizing the sau.Ket luanMinh just over five main points of difference between search engine optimization and machine friendly search .streaming film A Dog’s Purpose 2017

With the perspective of a programmer Web design feasible , its always consciously design a website search engine friendly . although this does not necessarily work in Web marketing campaign , search engine optimization they are required counseling .

However , in the long run , though search engine optimization is heavily dependent on user habits Statistics , but web marketing campaign depends largely on the design of search engine friendly website , the the criteria based on feasibility Web design , increasing the ability to access , interact with devices as well as users searching for .

If you are an individual or company Web design , Web promotion and are looking for partners to provide customer friendly services has recently optimized for search engine , please contact VietSEO .

And if you want to own a facility Website elements converge both friendly and optimized in order to promote the brand to increase sales figures , design services and marketing consulting Webcua VietSEO will help you .