Quick Google Index without backlink

What follows is written from the experience of SEOngon . Usually when SEOngon new posts , about 1 2p after Google Index .

You can see an example in the article ” Index Check time ” by going to Google and typing time checking index ( Regarded as little support SEOngon : D ) .

If you search for ” Google Quick Index ” , ” Index Google Trick ” … will find a variety of tutorials , but the content is akin to one another and said you need to have lots of backlinks . SEOngon backlink opinion is not wrong , but long- term it is effortless manner , and certainly not just a small part of the reason . SEOngon will guide you step by step . Make enough of this step is to ensure you have any new information that Google get right , did not even need backlinks ( as of this writing , no backlink SEOngon ) .

First of all need to understand why Google Index . You read all of the Spider How it works – Google Bot .

Also SEOngon opinion , Google Index website by 4 factors affecting :

Your website has to be done ” the right way ” or not ?
You have to actively tell Google about your website or not ?
Your content and frequently updated or not ?
Backlink your good?

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1 . Is your site easy for Google Index ?
SEOngon not technical people so this only briefly .
– Google likes your site clean . If you order the Code should check W3 standard error at http://validator.w3.org/ . There are many controversial opinions on the site Google favors clean W3 standards or not . But be almighty favor , SEOngon still trying to clean up as possible .
– Google Bot index your website link and regular course will be very uncomfortable if you’re having a broken link .
– In case of broken links must be returned Error code 404 .
– In your page , there are links to other page , this is called Internal Link ( Internal Link ) . If you Google on the first link that page that does not link to any other point , it will return Bot . You or backlink interested but forget the ” backlink ” in your site .
– You need to create a sitemap for your website . This is also related to the 2nd content below .
– Create robots.txt file for navigation Spider .
2 . You must actively inform Google about your website .

How will Google know ? Please use the services provided by Google .

– Google Webmaster Tools . When using Google Webmaster Tools , Google will often visit the website of your Spider to collect data analysis . Also in Google Webmaster Tools can add sitemap functionality and you can also see Google index specifically how many links you have on the total number of links . Also add Sitemap , you should add all here rss speed index will surprise b – fast … )

– Google Analytics . This is a data analysis tool access . Write down the long , you find out or wait SEOngon article about this stuff : D

– Google AdWords , Google’s advertising services .

– Feedburner.google.com , tools Feed for Google , it has several functions like allowing subscription via email , post automatically to twtter …

– New supplement : you sign up for one Google+ account , every time a new link , please share it on Google +

Here are 5 of the most popular tools , and SEOngon just think that’s enough .

Bonus : if you use wordpress , then install the following plugin for it ping Google when new posts : MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer , PubSubHubbub , PuSHPress .
3 . Your content is everything !
Saying this is not necessarily excessive . Of course, do not have any good content that can be removed in step 2 . But if you do 2 steps without good content is very harmful in the long run .
You need to make content :
– Write often and regularly , not too little and too much. Eg 1 Day 1 post , no it should not be less than 3 posts / week . Do not make 100 posts 1 day a month and left the table . Think the usual way , then visits your home that you often come home , they will take over .
– Your content must avoid duplication with the previous post had . One is you have to write creatively , not copy , or you have to copy a creative way . Google is very good at realizing what you are writing , so that when copying the content , you have to fix a lot of it !
– In the article you need to tell Google to know where the key is , where is the interpretation … using H1 tags , H2 … H6 . The structure is very simple card .

Text <h1> content < / h1 >
A key <h2> < / H2 >
Interpretation <h3> < / H2 >

This is called OnPage Seo
4 . New Time to Backlink :

Above, SEOngon can say is this way in the long term will be less efficient , why ? If you do not do steps 1 2 3 backlink always do that , you will be the one who ” first Treo to sell dog meat ” , his PR around you that Google should pay attention , but when Google visits your home then your home is not as advertised . So says a new long-term harm ‘s way instead . So let’s make this last way .

Backlink SEOngon not talk about in this article carefully , Backlink broad and tricks . It is often referred to in Seo Backlink like to talk about ads in Marketing . That is, many people think that SEO backlink that is , and that’s it .