Optimizing for common search and customization

The impact of the global search and to customize search results and search optimization by geography , video search and image search .

dich vu seoTim search for popular local and customization are two of the hot topics in the SMX West conference . Many Web administrators to understand the impact of the situation on the search engine to display the contents of the search results page . Here are a few suggestions : live streaming film

Local Search : Help users close reach of your business . This is one form of vertical search , local search is one of the questions most frequently posed .

Following are a few guidelines to help business people have more advantages from localized search : Add your business in Local Business Center.Dam sure that your business can be listed in the right loai.Dam sure your name, address , telephone number corresponding to your business appear on your Web page , and allows the search engine to work overtime can.Hay , pictures, business cards or other information to help searchers identify your business as well as their needs .

Video Search : Improving results with your video Some of the website owners have questioned how they can specify thumbnail ( thumbnail ) preferred for the videos as they appear on the site search results. You create a Video Sitemap Protocol scheme allowing suggests symbolic image ( thumbnail ) for each video .

Search basic customization Following are a few observations and suggestions of Google : customization of search results always accompanied by some minor changes in ranking over the search results upside down . So you should not worry too much about finding customization change your page rank with the search feature in-depth biet.Neu topic , you should take in order to customize the search .

For example, instead of creating a Web site about music , then you go to create Web pages about the history of Haitian music such . Or the musician has recorded with Elton John at the years 1969 to 1979 .

Some custom searches based on geographic location of the searcher , for example , when a search near Seattle Needle information , you will see the results returned are more likely to contain the address pointing to the Space Needle rather than a search in Florida . Take advantage of services like Local Business Center or search by geography . These services allow us to better understand your Web site for those looking for a special follow vung.Va must always remember , content or tools create attractive , unique and persuasive .

Image search : Increased transparency One of the cases that may occur when the image of the page is removed from the search results by SafeSearch (Remove the image pornography , violating rules Google’s ) because they are labeled and categorized . If you are in that situation and believe that your Web site is not listed SafeSearch , you can contact Google via the contact form .