Optimize your meta description

Definition, analysis and optimization described in page of search results ( snippets ) via meta description tag describes .

Before we start , let’s learn how a snippets ? According to Google Francophonie ( In the article relating to the exclusion from the list of links indexed )

A ” snippet ” Google is an excerpt of the page allows users to see the contents of the search keywords in bold and appear in the Google results page . Then they will decide which pages contain useful information . Generally , the user will select an intentional ( and quickly ) the page with keywords described in the text search .

google snippet description
Figure 1 : Illustration of the forum sinppet AEVN students .

The improvements cited text descriptions ( description ) is very important to increase the rate of CPM , On the Official Google Webmaster Blog , has published an article about Google webmaster tools and also includes a team Snippet Team , this snippet demonstrates a very important and everything is just the beginning .

Now you know how it is snippets . Let’s go deep into research about it :

The quality of your snippet – a short section of characters allowed to preview the search results – have a direct impact on the ability of Web sites you choose whether or not pressed and indirect traffic from Google . Google has many strategies to choose snippets (I will return to this issue later ) and you can customize them by providing information through the meta description tag for each URL .

Why Google to pay attention to meta decriptions ?

Google wants the content snippets reflect search results Web page . Google often preferred to the page meta description ( if any) as it gives users a clear few observations about the contents of the URL. It will help users get accurate results faster and avoid the search to find the content as the user depressed and consuming Web traffic . Keep in mind that meta tag descriptions contain rows will not be included in this category and are less likely to be shown in comparison with other information such as a snippet . Another important thing is if the description meta tag can help increase the click rate , they do not affect the ranking of your Web page in the search results .
Description meta tag method to produce quality
Let’s create a different description for each page

The use of duplicate descriptions or similar on all pages will not be useful when each page appears in the search results . In this case , Google will not show preference to meta description . Please create a trust described , accurately reflect the content of each page . Use the descriptive level domain name for the site owner or the general page , then apply page-level description of the rest .

You should list the priority components on your Web page , so if you do not have time to create each separate description for each page would at least create a description for the URL path as important as the home page or other popular sites .
The description should contain important information

The meta description tag is not necessarily structured questions , you can add a data structure related to the page . For example, a message or a personal blog post can list the author’s name , date or post information . This information can provide users with useful information otherwise difficult not to be used as the snippet .

Similar product pages contain some important information locked in price , date, manufacturer …. Key card descriptions may contain all the information on . For example , when describing cards after analysis related to the book ” Search Engine Optimization For Dummies ” . This is a large part of the information about the book :

Not reasonably described :

There are several reasons why the cards work described above is not considered a good description on the search results page :

The title of the book completely overlaps with the title of the Web page .
Right information in the description also duplicated ; author name in this case , ” Peter Kent ” .
Lack of information in the description , such as one can not know ” Nam Nguyen ” is?
Lack separator gap and make the description very difficult to read .

All these factors make the user when viewing the search results page , it will take time to analyze the description and of course they often ignore links to this page . Dresses , this is a good optimization described above is for reference only :

As we can see , the above described remove duplicate information and more detailed information while separated more clearly . You just add a little bit of effort To describe quality by adding the price, the length of the page , useful information for users .
Programming automatically generate descriptions

Many news sites , the creation of accurate descriptions for each post is pretty simple because it is difficult to write a paper while creating its own semantic describing just a little effort . For sites where large databases are writing depicted handmade card is extremely difficult . In this case

automatic creation of the descriptions are very encouraging as long as they are not turning into Ooij spammy content . A well described that portrayal and semantic richness that we just mentioned .
Description of quality
Finally you should make sure that the account of your payment is used to … describe . Because it does not display the page directly , so the description easily overlooked part quality . However, it is displayed in the search results page of Google – if you like the quality of this description requirement . Just a little effort , you can only create a reasonable description tag and it helps to correctly display the Web page content in search results . It not only improves the quality of your Web pages but also bring potential customers to the site .