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Analysis of the homepage that link and the role of the internal link structure of the Web to promote . Seven -step Guide optimized internal linking structure Website .

Internal linking structure ( internal link structure ) of a Web page is one of the important factors of Web promotion , but this factor is often little attention or ignored by many webmasters .live streaming movie Life 2017

In this article , you VietSEO will analyze the role of the internal link structure then the optimal structure through seven steps ban.Cau internal linking structure of the website have a major influence on second topology hangCau ‘s first Web site that allows you to point from the home page or the main page to the individual pages in the Website ‘s important ban.Vi example , if you have 1000 links from other sites pointing to your home page .

The link on the home page of this talk may be dominant to other pages on your Web .
Suppose : From the home page, you link to other pages , each page 50 it would have been 1/50 that of the home page link above . And if you only link to 10 pages only, of course, each page will get so much more links (1 /10) .

Note that , like sharing links and dependent position and heading tags ( h1 , h2 , h3 … ) or text format ( b , strong , em … ) . Getting a lot more pages that related the same page as the high placement in search engines

1.I topology in favor of this trangPhan you can follow these seven simple steps to optimize your internal linking structure of the Web page to increase page rank for important : The important pages be most easily link from the home page . So that as few clicks as possible as you move to the page. More directly linked to how much the home page search engine ranking high as much.
( Refer to the Student Forum homepage Vietnam ) . Please link to the page where you want to have high rankings from other pages on your website . The simplest way to have the same link to a page that is linked to that page in the website ban.Su keywords pursue as string links
2 . in the path pointing to these pages . Use keywords correlate and fit to page content point to make search engines understand your web site keywords nao.Hay correlation to use absolute URLs . Never relative links to pages for example ” / trangchu.html ” that must use absolute links in ” http://www.website.com/trangchu.html ” .
If someone else takes the content of your page , you will have the reverse links pointing to your site from this page copy ( backlinks ) . Adding the tag ” nofollow ” and all the links that you think are not important for th search rankings . For example, the page about rules , trading conditions , etc . You can also use the nofollow tag to the same page content , print version , etc that can affect the ranking ( See also content filter dual ) 3 Use the robots.txt file or robots meta tag to remove duplicate content or not related sites to block indexing spiders . Step 6 This step is quite similar
5 If the bugs do not waste time searching for duplicate pages or not , it is important to consider more carefully the pages you want to rank cao.Kiem 4044 for fraud and edit it so that the notices navigation this error to popular sites , the most important .

The VietSEO luanQua this section and you have to analyze and understand how to deliver an optimal way to link to the site from the home page of the site is important in optimizing the internal structure linked by a seven -step . The optimization will help you to highlight , increase search rankings components , important pages in your site.

On the other hand , it is important not to forget Website created for users , not for search bug . However, when the optimal presentation spiders also help readers more easily manipulated . Beetles are also looking for people to read but somewhat special in that it is my considered visually impaired users , it presents more complex search bugs for users generally .