Optimize Image Title and Alt tags for images

Analysis of the difference image alt tags and title of the image , website applications to optimal
Webmaster lunar not notice much difference between the alt and title tags .

VietSEO In this article you will learn the difference between basic image alt tags and title image , and how to use them .
Alt text alternative means information – information does not replace the users choose to hide or display the image in the browser or user agents are simply not capable of displaying images .
Alt tags describe images to provide information to users as mentioned above you can observe through the next illustration . If you do not have alt tags for images , Internet Explorer or Firefox browser will display an error symbol empty . Last year , Google has officially announced that the search will concentrate on analyzing the text in alt tags to better understand the content of the image file . Title image of additional information ( additional information ) and follow the instructions on the title : be brief , accurate description , reasonable .
For example, in Internet Explorer or Firefox , you will see the following display when the cursor rolls over the image file :
Through the cardiac catheterization above, we can conclude that :
Both alt and title tags important for users to have alt tags though proved more important for search engines.

We are providing information about the image in order to encourage the user to display them .
According to the W3C , the title card is not required , while the alt tag is recommended .

Alt tags also helped increase accessibility for visually impaired users ( accessibility ) , including search engine as stated above .
Add keywords related to both the card image in the text but both have different cards .
The stuffing keywords in alt tags and title and will not bring any benefit , look for the exact keyword reflects the image content .

So take the time to optimize image tags because it gives you the image search volume from Google Images .

Add an important point to note is the Webmaster using the large banner in the header , then the description of the banner alt plays an important role contributing to help Google understand the content of the Website .