Knowledge Graph – a new feature of google search

Google has started building the first stone forming machine to which a wise concept than technology they called ” Knowledge Graph ” ( roughly translated as Knowledge Circuit )

This new feature will provide the data enclosed in a separate frame , next to the search query results as before , providing more detailed information relating to the search term .

For example, when users search for the name of a certain celebrity , Knowledge Graph displays additional information related to that character , such as date of birth , date of death , education , family or work , works of outstanding …

– This is an important first step to go to the construction of next-generation search engine , a breakthrough in data collected wisdom of the world wide web and understand the world a little more like humans understand .
– Knowledge Graph data is about 500 million objects , as well as more than 3.5 billion facts about relationships between different objects
– Knowledge can now sometimes help answer your next question ( the 37 % rate ) before you ask it , because Google displays events collected by what others like you looking for prepared to find .

1.Cai improve search precision query language indeed somewhat vague , you type in search Taj Mahal , the Taj Mahal from this mountain or musician Taj Mahal ? Now that Google understands the difference , and can narrow down your search results only show the results mean and you just click on one of the links to see specific aspects around the it results :

With content off 2.Tom Knowledge Graph , Google can better understand the requirements of your search , so Google can summarize relevant content around topics that interest you , including the fact that you need for their own purposes .

For example , if you are looking for information on Marie Curie , you ‘ll see when you were born and add other information such as place of birth , date of birth & death , education , scientific research , and some days her faculties other school related .

3 . For further results and wider Finally, the funniest part of all , Know Graph can help you discover things you’ve never imagined . You will learn a few new facts or links to open up a completely new discoveries of your own .