Index Google

Seongon write a post about how Google to index faster and successfully received many comments from readers .

However, such an approach is not limited effective immediately with the new website . Today casually read a translation of Seo Vietnam should post another post .

This article from 2009 should Seongon will add , edit a bit . Most of the content below to help google to easily find and index your website link in the database .

Quick Google Index in 24 hours for new website
Most SEO experts will advise you to buy 1 old site domain for Google appreciate more and more easy- Index , but if you start a new website , why create one ?
Often you will take a few weeks for your site to be search engine google known .

However, in light of the following steps will help you save a lot of time for the index site ( only after about 24 hours ) .

Create 5 pages of website content .
Your Website aired , google to see what it is that not long after it returned to day.Tao internal links ( internal link) between your pages .

That is, in the page , the content ( articles ) , and you need to have anchor text links pointing to another page in the site yourself . This helps Google Bot to move out in order to index your website link .

To understand why , you see all the way Google works SpiderHay uniform template used to manage the site content .
Note the menu pages are fast tren.Index by bringing your site to the social network ( link up , share content … ) .

Comment on the blog popularity ( remember accompanying links ) to improve the link popularity for your website banTao sitemap new , up and ping XML Sitemap ( , change the link Sitemap XXX your site ) Create Google Webmaster Central account , and add sitemap to . ( Read more Introducing Google ‘s Webmaster Tools Seongon ) Install Google Analytics .

Quick links help Google index , create one Google advertising Adwords.Seongon some additional methods to help Google index your website faster ( 2012 ) Feed Burner Create an account and add your sitemap to it . This is a tool that Google acquired , it is more effective and you can wait for other posts by Seo Delicious Feed Burner.Tao service Google plus account . Share links to new content on Google Plus even when the oven .

Insert the attached article link pointing to the original article on your website as many places as possible , so curious about google bot .
How to Google Index regularly whenever moiCac content above methods will help your website indexed very fast .
However, in 2012 compared to 2009 has changed very much .

If you only create content page 5 and stopped after a few weeks or months writing new content is new content this new index is very long .
Want fast and frequent google index it is necessary you need to update your website content on a regular basis , at least 2-3 cycles of new content / week .

You do not have too much content ? create the category of news and information related to post your fields into it.

Avoid copying the entire content of your website that Google was rated as duplicate content .

You stick the bug that is Google it luonKet boycott of this post with all the Seongon quick Google Index Your website has become a close friend of Google already.