How to choose a good domain name for SEO

The domain name is an extremely important factor to keep a leading role for the success and failure of the website , so choosing a domain name like that , pretty easy to remember and easy SEO . Read up on the blogs , articles about domain specialists , specializing in website promotion ( SEO ) .

Today I would like to introduce to you 12 tips for choosing good domain name , logical , easy to remember and good for SEO . Refer to the dentist :
TOP 5 Free First 1.Dua out pretty catchy . How can you choose the right keywords in the fields they are doing . Simple, you use the keyword tool to list the Top 10 or Top 5 relevant keywords . Next, on the websites you register domain name , search, and free to list the names most beautiful ( of course nobody à registration ) . It is best to choose a domain name about the TOP 5 and then use the process of elimination to select the most satisfactory one domain name ( if you are given the collective voted 5 domains domains have spread much and voted the best ) .

The domain has only taken a single 1 or 5 can also choose both the event rates are only 1 domain as the main transmission . Simile as you are active in the field of real estate , then you will think of keywords : real estate , bds , land and housing , land , however …. these are just the main keyword , outside you can add a pair of keywords : world, heart , searching , trading markets , trading centers , …. on the aforementioned keywords .

Then I will look for the most beautiful domains from here and I listed the TOP 5 dentists ( tui all domains it is not who sign up – just so many dentists do not have to answer questions ) :

I finally used excluded methods ( tui 1 here themselves for using the card – but that many people are making decent à voted dental ) – Tui decided on a domain name that everyone is beautiful dream www . ( VEP shoulder Rackets House lit land rice ) .
Tui Why choose it , because according to the statistics of search engines , people on the internet to search for information related to real estate , the land’s land , people find the most. So why not spread the name bag ? keywords for real estate land located behind the house .
This proves that the bag will have the opportunity to increase traffic from search engines with keywords and housing related keywords

2 . This domain has just had her bag à : Do not select the domain name that is identical or similar to it , it causes no confusion or hear or where . For example, if the domain name that anyone buy then you should not buy the , , , …. they do we have a choice of hundreds of , thousands , billions , row , … domain akin to that. Therefore, the domain name must be unique and not confusing is the best .

3 . Choose a dot com go : Assuming the registration was lost but or or another magnet it was , but why not pick it back pocket if you choose it will not matter you have marketing or advertising campaigns to your website is a famous person as still have mistaken ( make sure there is not anyone dare say see any ) . Therefore, priority and preference priority guideline com .

4 . Choose something easy to type on the keyboard i: Many nice short domain name , easy to remember but hard to type on the keyboard PA . Such as: , hard not to joke construction timber – nutshell is selected domain as little typing as possible as , , , … So what is the domain name rùi to knock it home .

5 . Choose something easy to remember always one to remember than most people , objects that you targeted . Do not choose a domain name is difficult to remember and cause confusion with the other . For example : – easy to remember those familiar with it but it is hard to remember sometimes that people do not see common keywords .

6 . Keep your domain name short pitch to the extent possible : Tui can choose : , , , … but to optimize and more concise pocket decide .

7 . Choose a domain name has content people expect : multiple domains it seemed to find something pleasant but related domains , it is not true . Do not Ever using disappoint the expectations of first -time visitor to the website . I like the , , , …. because it will be on to important information I want to find . The , , … it takes time and long-term investment they have in the right direction today . So add one more trick is the only choose the right domain name with content provider

8 . Note that the rules and regulations keyword domain name : 1 maybe you have a very nice domain name , you have to register it abroad, it could kill your business or website you go to the registration of the domain name you belong blacklists ( such as – big sale – the domain habits and customs regulations Vietnam ) you should refer to your domain registrar law before deciding to buy from useless to waste time .

9 . Choose the tendon with your brand : You registered trademark , but unfortunately missed the domain name to the trademark registration that has been lost , so then how ? There ‘s nothing more you something in – you give it meaning.