How Search Engines Connect sellers and buyers

Maggie knows how to find what she wants . Allowing her fingers do the walking in the Yellow Pages do not have , but at . She wants to learn to bake bread , and you have just written Bread Baking Made Simple , and you sell some great baking tool . The good news is the Google search engine , and exists for one simple reason : to help Maggie find your site .

Google will show Maggie 534,000 resources on ” toast ” . Unless she found what she wanted on the first page or top 10 results , you will never find your site listed 124 results . ( In fact , if she does not find what she wanted in twenty or thirty first result , she has the ability to refine your searches to ” easy bread baking ” or ” house of bread grilled ” ) .

How do you get into the top 10 results so Maggie can find your website ? You may have heard a lot about ” optimization search engine ” and ” rank analysis ” and ” algorithm ” . It all sounds very complicated , but it really works on a simple 1 – 2 – 3 Nguyen rule .

A search engine will show Maggie only resources ( websites ) have been recorded . So be sure to submit your site to search engines and directories . You do not need to hire someone who will charge you big dollars to do this . You also should not fall for any automated software to send or services . This should be done by hand , and anyone can do it . You can do it yourself .

Search engines will rank highest the site felt it ” important ” . This means you have to show that your site is important . There are a few simple things you can do . First, make sure that you have content . Content written by the importance of the Internet . Links , both in and going out , is the key . Connect with importance on the Internet . Get listed in the directory ( , , , , etc. ) , as this is also an important measure .

The search engine will show Maggie the most ” relevant ” high -end resources . Http:// Google can rank relatively high , but it is totally unrelated to search for baking bread . How does a search engine know most relevant websites for search Maggie ? Number of times ” toaster ” appears in the text on your website . In many ways, it shows on your page . By the number of your site links and link you with the word ” toast ” included.

Are you ready to deploy ? It is possible . Some of this you can easily do yourself . However, there are three places worth spending money to help all the Maggies have found your site and your book .

The first is choosing the right keywords . It may be simple , but ” toast ” may not even be the best keyword phrases to focus on . It may be ” easy bread baking ” or ” the toast ” . The most searched term may not be the best , and also no time limit with the most competitive .

The second is to prepare a strategic link . ” Link exchange ” sites that are getting more popular every day and become less effective every day . Here are just a few of the factors that will influence the link to Maggie discovers your book :

The total number of incoming and outgoing links

The importance of the sites you link to and from

The relevance of sites you link to and from

The page on their website and is your link

What do you include in the links to and

Where on the page the link is placed

How many links on the page

How many pages linked or linking to

Percentage of links to the content on the page relevant

You can make your own strategy , but it is worth hiring someone to put it together for you . Ask the factors she would consider when developing a strategy for you . If she does not mention some of the above , your money is better spent elsewhere .

Third place to invest is to have someone knowledgeable review your html code . Chances are you have missed many opportunities to let the search engines know your site is concerned, and there could be some opportunity to show it is important .

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