Google does not encourage registration Web directory Yahoo and DMOZ?

By modifying the instructions of Google Webmaster , Google will no longer encourage the Website registration in the Web directory like Yahoo or the OPD ( DMOZ )

Although Google purchases condemned links intended to manipulate PageRank ranking but search engines still encourage paying for commercial Web directories to be listed in directories, Web directories such as Yahoo .

In recent days , a fundamental change in the direction of Google Webmaster attracted special attention of the SEO community . Google no longer recommends from finding the link reliability as well as register on the website popular Web directories like Yahoo and DMOZ .
Google does not encourage Web directory Yahoo and DMOZ

Specifically , in the official English version of Google ‘s Webmaster Help Center Webmaster Guidelines , Google removed two main points :

You must also understand the harsh reaction of the community then SEO / SEM . A lot of the controversy revolves around changing links from Web directory on SEO forums such as Google Groups , Sphinn . Most notable is the opinion of the Exchange JohnMu at Google Groups , Google engineer , explains how Google remove provisions related to Web directories :

I would not necessarily Furniture Assume we’re devaluing Yahoo ‘s links , I just think it’s not one of the things we really need to recommend . If People Really think directory is going to bring them lots of visitors ( I had a visitor from the DMOZ once ) , then it’s obviously fine to get listed there . It’s not something Furniture People have to do though 🙂 .


I do not have to admit that we devalue Yahoo link , I just think that it is not what we really need advice . If people think that a web directory brings them more customers ( One time I had a visitor from DMOZ ) , it is clear that appear in this web directory as well. But it is not something that everyone should do .

This makes a lot Webmaster definitely be worried . Also in one of these exchanges , some time ago that Google has vowed to fight a lot of directories , link directories . And certainly in the future , Google will adopt more aggressive measures against Web directories . This has been verified by Google, many websites are ranking drop links from web directories last year . Does Google will apply to the ODP Web Directory ( DMOZ ) or Yahoo again? We’ll wait and see .
Opinion of VietSEO

New information heard through the Google Website registration not encouraged in the Web directory , even Yahoo and DMOZ is seemingly no benefit to the community Webmaster , but think carefully if this is a good news , at least for Webmaster with honesty and beginners .
Identify common

The lower assessed value links from Google’s Web portfolio is not new . Starting last year, Google has been fined so many great website for buying and selling links to manipulate rankings , especially pagerank update in July 2008 did a lot Webmaster fell back . The revised instructions Webmaster is only one move to accurately assess the nature of Google natural links , link against the artificial and the destination is easy with Digg – like sites – review social bookmarks link , or this Web directories . This will make the search more links Webmaster “easy” difficult .

But this was different and targeted Google and even Yahoo DMOZ , Website Directory world’s largest and Googel patronage . Please tell a little about DMOZ SEO perspective , as the article describes the quality description tag , when your website can not provide a reasonable description , Google will use DMOZ descriptions in order to build snippet the search results page . So discouraging DMOZ allows us to think of two things:

Web Directory DMOZ or pay or other Web directories will not give you up to the value ;
You must be optimized description tag , play an increasingly important role in Google’s algorithm .

Webmaster Vietnam benefit , what harm ?

Although DMOZ is a quality website is managed by people , not by the algorithm . But this is also its weakness . At least for Vietnamese folders , many editors have been manipulated , so no objective criteria . I myself was reading an article by an editor mentions Vietnam joined DMOZ (posts deleted but not before his capture , you can see in the Google cache ) , even though this meant editor good website helps in quickly register forum , but here are just examples .
Figure 1 : Registration at a forum DMOZ directly with the editor .

Submit Website To Directory world’s largest
Free for All Webmaster Vietnam , hurry up you okay
Opportunities & Challenges for Vietnam Webmaster :
ODP – Open Directory Project

Step 1

To review , the inevitable is to confirm ownership of your website , please add the following html code into your Home is managing :

[ url = ” ” ] Vietnamese IT [ / url ]

Step 2

You can post the content in this Topic :

Domain name :
Website of age :
Website of the field :
Website Title : ( brief )
Content of Website : ( condensed , concise )
Email + phone contact :
Confirm owned Website ( add link has step 1)

This is an opportunity for Vietnam Webmaster put your website in the directory of the largest Yellow Pages World is used by the Search Engine :

AltaVista – A9 – AOL – Ask – Clusty – Gigablast – Google – Lycos – MSN – WiseNut – Yahoo

* Submit Rather than directly on DMOZ , your website can be submerged in the list of other domain names & Editors little attention ; Here You will get feedback on the quality as well as the additional shortcomings you have to be present in the most prestigious directory this TG .
* BQT not guarantee fairness , will not guarantee acceptance of your Website , nor is responsible for everything , but all members will support and consulting in the jurisdiction you allow .

The website is not accepted articles will be removed in 1-2 weeks .
Wishing you happy & successful !

Following is the link directory of Vietnam ( of Vinalink example ) can easily manipulate the rankings for partner websites based on relationships rather than content , this is completely understandable . But this will affect the new website with useful content and more rich . The results returned will not be useful for most users and this is absolutely not want Google . The Webmaster young amateur needs a certain place .

It is time for Google to review the nature of the link “big ” , so ensure the richest content to be with the user. The Website of Vietnam too, the editor of Vietnam should also participate in DMOZ more objective , if not the hand you also kill the project as the coming days . Web directories such as the Vinalink has not escaped this fate hiu .