Google Algorithm Google Penguin and goals

Penguin ” Penguin ” is a new algorithm that Google launched this year for the fight against webspam .

Seems this algorithm more general nature of the criteria compared with panda webspam ” Google Panda ” is hitting the fam content , according to criteria that Google initially launched .

Some time after Google launched Penguin , Google seems pleased that this new anti-spam algorithm is completed as planned . But there are a few things damage caused by this algorithm is also considering how to fix it and still concerns about Negative SEO as a threat .

According to Google , the Google Penguin bashed the following tips : Keyword stuffing – Keyword stuffing : procedure related to the portion of the site repeatedly a certain keyword to a big impact on the outcome tool search ) concealed text – Hidden text : Tricks to hide the text on the page for the purpose of keyword rich content on the site and make search engines misled , visitors will not see the hidden text on web pages . Covering search engine bot – Cloaking : In SEO techniques are cloaking refers webmaster act of concealment of search engines like Google bot crawl the content that the user sees , and his suggestions for the bot look that the content is good Onpage optimize aims to achieve high position on SERP .

Article spinning : techniques to create a new article based on an old article or an old article section . Buy link – Buying links: are the tricks to ” fool ” the search engine that is fool -specific algorithms and cause a disappearance website ranking in the search list .

Thus we can understand the part about not brake decline of some recent websites that google said that they had used some black seo services .