Fatal Attraction of Online Marketers

Suppose you have 263 supply links to your site from 263 different sites , all in one fell swoop . Everyone knows that the more links you have, the higher you will rise in the rankings of search engines .

Suppose further that the real links from real sites that sell real products and real services may not come cheap throw – interest FFAs on a street corner on the bad side of town .

Suppose further that this offer include reciprocal link code for all 263 sites that only need to cut and paste it into your website . Piece of cake .

canada goose Does it get any sexier ? Are you drooling ? Does the sweet fragrance of the ” ka – ching ” ! floating around your head ? Is this love at first site ?

Well , no , it really is a fatal attraction , one of the best fight you . One can infect your site with the deadly disease .

I provided against this not long ago , and you should resist anything similar . This is why :

The linked pages on these sites mainly link farms . The links on a page , they have less value in the eyes of search engines , especially when you start to reach or even go over 100 links . And do not expect any direct traffic from these types of links , either .

celine handbags There is a technical term for the identical page in a web page or on multiple sites . It is called ” duplicate content ” , and it’s true that verboten by the search engines . This is what Google says about them : ” Do not create multiple pages , subdomains , or domain significantly duplicate content . ”

Doing some quick math . You have 289 outgoing links , 263 of them are labeled ” bad neighborhood sites ” by the search engines … so bad that they may even have been banned . What do you think will happen to your rankings ?

Sadly , many webmasters as tantalizing on- without thinking carefully about the consequences might be .

There are a lot of really bad advice floating around the Internet about how to trick the search engines or find a short cut to rank high . This is one example of how poor advice and jump into bed with the wrong partner can kill your business .

This is a good rule of thumb . Two of the company . Three is a crowd. Four or more will make you get caught . OK , so I just made it up , and it’s not very elegant . But it will keep you fall for that suggestion with the inevitable face-off here , and transmitted the deadly disease .