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The presence of Google Chrome Web browser built from open source marks a new frontier of Internet giants – Google . With Chrome , Google competes with Microsoft’s ambitions in the provision of software ” system ” to support Internet applications , which Google is increasingly market ahead of competitors .

System tab of Google Chrome
Error page
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Newly launched , but Google Chrome has been well received by the user community . Chrome ‘s market share has overtaken Opera browser . Many experts predict that future Google Chrome will go far and probably will surpass both FireFox . People who do SEO requires thinking about the proper promotion, Website optimization friendly Chrome browser . This article will with you and learn more about Website optimized for Google Chrome browser .
System tab of Google Chrome
Google Chrome Tab
Figure 1 : System Tab fixed length of Google Chrome

As you can see in Figure 1 , the system tab ( to open multiple Web pages in the same window ) is predetermined length dimension . Unlike Firefox , the length of the Tab will be adjusted based on the number of Web pages are open . So , Google Chrome only show part of the title . Therefore, the optimization of Website title in Google Chrome is more important in FireFox . The Webmaster must examine the following issues :

The title of the page to short and concise , accurate description of its content ;
The first part of the title page and the only change for each page . This allows users to browse and quickly find the information if multiple tabs open .

Error page
Suggestions Google Chrome Error
Figure 2 : The system suggested fix Google Chrome

If the browser fails to open any URL , it will provide users with the following information :

Detailed error ( the error state title ) ;
Popular browser address respectively , suggesting the path to the directory or home page address error ;
Provide toolbar in the keyword search path is faulty ;
Provide search suggestions related to the faulty path .

The meaning of blog optimization , Website for Chrome

The optimized URLs search engine friendly so it becomes more important to give Chrome users straight to the correct address ;
Ensure that your brand ‘s website ( when written left ) is ranked highest in search results because Google will suggest a link to your Website URL ( containing brand ) was typed wrong ;
Ensure that your website domain semantics ( the discrete written ) by Google will suggest those keywords misspell domain name and create a website for you to have more opportunities to be found .

Google Chrome Tab URL
Figure 3 : The system suggested fix Google Chrome domain name
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Google Chrome Search VietSEO
Figure 4 : suggested search system Google Chrome

When users search for your brand ‘s website , it is a good sign . So let’s focus on improving your brand with Google Chrome browser .