Anatomy of the value of the link

To understand this problem , we will follow the opinion of Dan Deceuster , an expert from And the first thing before doing SEO but I want to remind you that ” there is nothing in SEO absolute ” .

Whether you follow the White Hat or Black Hat sect , an affiliate you consider valuable or not valuable . Or do you think that your link is created that points taken from Google or not ? You should change this thinking because nothing is perfect , everything has its own value or less and link building is no exception .

According to the observed link building is divided into two schools . Or who can build links in anywhere possible.
And those who study and scrutinize every opportunity and the ability to build a truly effective links . If you are in the first group , you probably could not care what I am about to present below .

Conversely, if you are in the second group this article will help you assess the value of a link and to ” surgery ” a link we will divide it into 5 parts : anchor text , trust , relevance , placement , and outbound links. Each component was seen as a form of a big pie cake Read here who have more experience and research questions will certainly factor DA ( Domain Authority ) have not been taken into account .

And the answer that ‘s a 5 cake cake samples is viewed as the main ingredient of bread , I have decided to or smaller pie . This means that if your links come from high quality web , DA index is high , it will cause the attention of Google than the other sites .

We will go into analyzing each component separately below :

1 . Authority : As mentioned above , has played an important role and it will determine the size of the pie .
The index of a domain higher the heavyweight with the search engines as a measure to evaluate link quality or not you ‘re wondering how to measure these indicators ? Do not worry if you choose Chrome as your browser , you can install the SEO Site Tools utilities index measure DA assessment tool will point DA , and of course the higher the score , the more valuable

2 . Anchor text : In recent times the anchor text is considered as one of the most important measure of the link . Surely Seoers understand this because the anchor text is always tied to the value of a website keywords . There are some ideas that might not be accurate keywords with topics or subjects which you are referring . If a site selling ” furniture ” does not necessarily have to choose the keywords in the anchor text is ” furniture ” , can use the anchor text related or nearly related to increase traffic to your website . Tips : Try and create links with anchor text related keywords , but check to see if it does not fit , because the search engines can determine if there is an abnormal repetitive times of the anchor text in your web pages 3 . Trust : The reliability of links – Many people argue about DA and Trust . It’s the difference between the two factors . But we will discuss this issue at another time.

Build credibility with search engines is the key to achieve high ranking . And the only way to get this confidence is getting links from reputable sites have been built long ago . Tips : Write and submit press releases to major media sites are a great way to get a reliable link .

Since the SE will consider increasing the confidence level of your web page more .

4 . Revelance : Relevance is a concept for how to connect web page content that you are providing to the page you want to link pointing to your site .
For example, if you are a business selling ” computer ” , you will need to search for links that point to your website and also content related to ” PC ” . The SE sees this as a positive factor to evaluate the quality of the link first glance, it looks like you are hard to find this website relevant .

But do not worry , because there are times I have mentioned the problem ” Backlink same topic with keywords ” Tips : Try to find websites related to your site content is showing 5 . Placement : Here I want to say where to place links on your website .

According to experts SEOmoz , if previous algorithm considers every link in the site are the same . And every link that will contribute to getting your website to increase the PageRank values ​​.
It is called Random Surfer Model . But this particular Google and other search engines are upgraded to higher search algorithm .

Bill Slawski – founder seobythesea website explains Google ‘s Reasonable Surfer Model to use in their search algorithms . It was explained and that the links in the footer are not really effective as before . Instead, according to the test to see the link to the right at the top and in the middle part of the content of the page is clicked on more often . Like the results page ranking on SERP , the priority that will click on results in a higher position .

Tips : Please put the link in the location have the opportunity to click high will contribute significantly in increasing the traffic and keyword rankings in anchor text links 6.Outbound : There have been a lot of posts talking about outbound links ( links pointing to other pages ) . Suppose you own a PR of 4 pages and the number of inbound links pointing to other sites from this page is 10 . With a simple calculation , you have to bring other site unit is a 0.4 PR juice .

And from this formula we learned anything ? If we put backlink anchor text contained in a high PR page , but too many outbound links is worth more PR juice will decrease .
That’s why the directory sites increasingly not as valuable as before , because with hundreds of outbound links on page 1 , the data indicate that some PR juice is how much you enjoy ? Of course I can not give you exact numbers , but I can say it will be less

Tips : Do not build links from many sites link spamming or low PR sites that have a large number of outbound links will not bring too much value to link to your site nutshell , I still believe in SEO nothing is perfect .
If you previously had an attitude of ” yes or no ” , then you should think again .

Sometimes we can not have a whole pie , but not so that we remove the part of the cake that we can get . Because everything has its own value .