9 factors that affect rankings, SEO and Usability

Nine important factor in SEO campaign Web help increase website ranking on search engines Google , Yahoo and Bing
SEO or website optimization for search engines does not mean that the pages created specifically for search engines.

Optimizing search engine optimization usually means that the site allows users to search and search for a particular user .
If you are a Web Administrator ( Webmaster ) proper attention to SEO and Website optimization done properly, the Web page will become more attractive both users and search engines often .

Search engines like Google often hundreds Website ranking algorithm , which lists 9 VietSEO given index includes the following key indicators can improve the utility , usability and website ranking search engine .

Stand fast website loading speed Usability : The user does not want to wait to download the site is too long .

Search Engine Optimization : Search engines may index your pages faster and easier.

Presenting easy to read Web pages Usability : Presentation will help users reasonably easy to read and grasp content , increasing the number of pages viewed and in turn increase the reliability of information for users .

Search Engine Optimization : white text on white background or the font is too small and kind of hidden often listed in the search engine spam .

Content presented clearly Availability : Subject clearly , split into short segments and use the contents list will help capture pages easier.

Search Engine Optimization : title, list segments and often help search engines Content Filtering data easier to understand the site and what topics are discussed .

Use ALT IMG tags to images Usability : Use alt tags to describe exactly the corresponding image , you will help the user’s browser still displays the contents of the photo or image transmission paths have problems or too long time to upload photos as well as disable browser downloads the resource is too large .

ALT IMG tags also help the browser does not support graphics or reader of visually impaired users to understand image content .

Search Engine Optimization : Most search engines can not analyze the complex content image , so you use the IMG ALT tags for images to help search engines understand the content image .

Edit error page 404 ( ( This is the error that is returned when the Web page was not found – Not found error pages) ) Usability : When the error message Error 404 page not found , the user will automatically leave Website . Want to retain them , you have to optimize error page , make suggestions or form associated or sitemap to search users to find needed content .

Search Engine Optimization : Properly configured 404 error page search engine indexed pages corresponding right turns , avoid duplicate content due to incorrect configuration .

Moving easily Availability : The navigation links ( navigation links ) clear and easy to find your website to help people browse to locate and find content easily dang.Search Engine Optimization : The navigation links contained important keywords spiders of search engines easily find and review the content easier to index .
Important Content residing on Usability : With users with small screens like netbooks or handhelds , laptops are the important contents should be displayed on the same .

Search Engine Optimization : As you said in the article about CSS applications optimized HTML source code , the spiders will read the HTML source code in order from top to bottom so that important content on the same will be indexed before .

Text , contained useful information availability : Because the title is displayed on the browser tabs , bookmarks , display mode before , search results pages , etc. so the exact name , title optimization is very important to provide information to the user.

Search Engine Optimization : The title is one of the most important factors in optimizing the on-page factors ( On Page SEO ) , it stimulates users to choose when mounted display page titles in search results , which increases the conversion rate , click rate of CRT . The URL brief and concise Availability : You will choose which of the two paths though the URL clearly display a URL content but Monday intuitive and help users remember more easily .

Search Engine Optimization : If your URL contains the keywords that will help improve rankings . A Web site with more than 3 parameters will cause the indexing from the search difficult. 9 These are only important SEO factors affect website rankings on search results pages , in addition to hundreds of other factors that Google uses in ranking algorithms .

SEO Services Free advice and support to help your business listed SEO factors need to be optimized to achieve high rankings on the search engines all Ye information as Google, Yahoo or Bing ( Microsoft ) .