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10 Ways coding for SEO support good

There are many SEO Webmaster thinking after the website went into operation . Including website optimization to increase the ranking of keywords ( keywords ) in the search engines ( search engines ) . However, if you do not consider optimal right from the start to build a website , and then you build a house foundation on unstable platforms .

Here are 10 items you should keep in mind when programming for your website .

1 . Correct programming of the standard search engine :
Always remember that the search engines always have a way of working standards in particular , crawl and rank for your website . In addition to reading the content on the website , other elements such as images , audio , video , link … is also an important factor .

To know exactly what the search engines to retrieve information according to certain standards , you can use the Search Engine Spider Simulator tool of Webconfs . If you receive a notice missing or incorrect , please update standards for website immediately .

2 . URL Rewrite friendly ( SEF URL rewrites )
Writing Friendly URLs effective SEO and user interaction . Specifically, you need to edit the URL , remove characters not make sense to shorten , URL of site optimization . If you are using a number of open source frameworks like wordpress , joomla , vbulletin … the plugin is always available to do this .

If the self- written source code , you can refer to the rewrite . Htaccess on apache webserver .

3 . Clean source code to speed up page load :
Although the new building and activities , your website could be very lightweight , fast loading . But over time it will grow gradually slowed down by many different causes . So you can check regularly the following issues to optimize for website seo services , seo services

Removing spaces , comments in HTML
Using HTML validator to check the card error , lack , excess .
Using broken link checker to check and remove link errors .

4 . Using alternative text for scripts scripts :
As mentioned in issue 1 , the site has a lot of content items . However, the text ( text-based ) is still the most friendly to the search engine.

For example, you can use the library to replace SWFObject2 flash object in writing when a user or spider , search engine bots can not read flash content .

5 . Configuring the ” noindex ” robots.txt file :
While you can not control is the 100 % search engine spiders , configure it noindex to ignore some of your url . This is more or less beneficial for SEO website . Some pages should noindex as :

Cart ( shopping cart ) and payment page ( Checkout page ) .
Home management of users ( User dashboard )
Home Storage ( Archive pages)
Contact Page ( Contact page)
6 . Use the ” rel = canonical ” to solve the duplicate content : ( duplicate content )
If you are using CMS like WordPress , Magento , Joomla to build websites , you will see there is a problem that has many links carry the exact same content , for example :

Yoursite.com / post – name.html
Yoursite.com / archive / date / post – name.html
The top page leads to a result of unique content , causing duplicate ( duplicate content ) . This makes the search engine underestimate your site .

The best way to solve this problem is to use the ” rel = canonical ” tag . You can configure this in the open source plugins to automatically add , or you can also do by hand .

7 . 301 redirect configuration to ensure the favorable development of pagerank :
When it comes to 301 redirect configuration , two cases will be useful for SEO . Firstly there is the job of the search engine treats the page www and non-www alike .

Monday , if you moved the contents page of article links change … the 301 redirect will help search engines understand you ‘ve moved it . Doing so will not affect the current page pagerank backlinks and older .

8 . Using microdata create ” rich snippets ” :
Recently , the concept of rich snippets in SEO . That is the clear and HTML levels . Help your website be accurate and may rank better on the search results page .

These features attract users to click on search results , and increase visit the website effectively . You can view information and how to create rich snippets in Schema.org .watch film The Circle now

9 . Combine script files , load speed :
Recently , web page load speed has been considered as an important factor for evaluating website . The website loads fast and there is often a priority ranking high on the search results page .

It’s not okay if you are using too many scripts combined . Look for optimally compact as possible to increase rankings , increase the efficiency of SEO .

10 . Using CDNs to save resources :
Finally , if you ‘ve done everything that did not improve much on the speed of the website . Consider and use CDN services .

There are the famous supplier services like Amazon , Rackspace … so you can host files , images . CDN will make a big difference in SEO for your website .