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10 tips to help you create Web promotion fascinating article titled readers and search engines.

SEO services , article directory services seoTieu is one of the little information that search engines provide the search results page before the content is displayed . For that, Google and other search engines attaches great importance to the title page .
The optimization of the post title so important , here are 10 SEO tips to optimize post titles .

1 . Google displays from 60 to 70 characters of the title in the first page of search results . So you put your most important keywords in the first part of the article title and keywords are for the General than backward . If the title of your article than 70 characters long , Google will cut back ; Google just took the first 69 characters and replace the three dots ” … ” for the rest of the title .

2 . Sometimes , instead of starting the title of the article by a series of keywords , then you should add the character portrayed in nature , providing information about the contents and placed before important keywords . This article will help pass filter in Google’s search results ( And of course it will be more stable rankings ) , while bringing more you rank high for the keyword women ( contained in the first part of the title ) ;

3 . The page title is one of the few that Google provides information to the user in the search results page before searchers choose to display content . For this, the article title is important factor to attract the attention of search and click stimuli they see a lot of content between different pages of the results of the competition . This is the deciding factor and the opportunity to create a difference between yourself and other competitors in terms of quality ;

4 . Good title will create will answer and ask questions , stimulate the reader ;

5 . As the post title is one of the only factors that search engines display to the search page before viewing content , so we will assign higher weight to words that appear on the title . Furthermore , when a lot of people will link to the page using article title as link character ( anchor text ) ;

6 . The insertion of a duplicate tag , similar reasonably easy to read and allows you to improve the reliability of the string of keywords . However, these keywords must be sorted meaningful and easier to read for people , not for search spiders . Instead of cramming keywords into the list in the header , you should present a clear title and descriptive content , products or services of your Website

7 . Incorrect assessment of potential clients by providing services that are not compatible will reduce the conversion rate 1 and wasting time catering to the audience is not potential customers . For example , if your products are luxury items they do not need to be your Website optimization , keyword promotion of cheap, discount , discount because it would waste time ;

8 . Each page on your website should have a different title . Unless , if your Website is limited in size and visibility , best not to use page titles follow the same formula throughout the Website . You should not use the same keywords at the top or right near where the page title ;

9 . Format , and choose the order of the title word of a difference ( more or less ) with a card describing the title or description top ; 10 . If you have a strong brand , you should put it in the end titles . If you are one of the leading trusted brand on the Internet ( such as eBay , Amazon , … ) , you should set it up the first part of the title .

Typically , the title of the page should be set came on the content of the page and search purposes than brand Website . For WordPress users , you can see more tips WordPress SEO optimized title