10 SEO tips for website news

For online sales as well as online activities have other lucrative search engine optimization ( Search Engine Optimization – SEO ) is important . Because costs for SEO can say is lower than other advertising channels , but the effect is bringing long -term and sustainable .

The biggest cost is the time spent to learn the tricks and try to implement effective for tot.SEO not only help increase website ranking on search results , can really make money with SEO , because SEO can help search engine oriented ads get noticed more and better profitability .movie Boyka: Undisputed IV trailer

Join Google Adsense is one of the ways to make money with SEO.Bai written after the aggregated SEO tips for website news ( news sites ) by Danny Sullivan , editor of Search Engine Land , and is a longtime expert in the field of SEO .

Danny is an independent business information , self- development he has silently entered Guide search engine Webmaster bar 1996 published two online publications ( He also writes regularly on his blog nhanhttp :/ / daggle . com / articles or express very sharp observations about online business )

1 . Using Google Adwords keyword tool to find popular keywords related quanTruoc optimal when starting the special tag their own , the first thing is to find out what keywords users or use search on engine to search for content related to your field of activity . Adwords Keyword Tool ( Google Adwords keyword tool) was born to do it .
It represents almost the exact number of times a word or phrase is used to find kiem.Cong search engine Google’s keyword -based quantification of the popularity of various keywords , with the two criteria frequency search and bid proposal to ” buy ” those keywords through contextual advertising program Google Adwords .

The results help us find not only keywords that can bring the biggest hits , but also brings keyword traffic nua.Su most valuable tools to determine in a general way the potential phrases , words can be used for the title of the website , on the home page and site navigation …

Then continue to use tools that collect and self- experience to be able to choose the most appropriate keywords to use in articles and website content .

2 . Use keywords and phrases in the title cards of websiteMot you have selected the right keywords , you put them in the places most important to the search engines will read first .
The search engines are now a priority for the title tag first and then to the other components of the website , so the most appropriate phrase to prioritize content should be placed there.
If you use content management system ( Content Management System – CMS , WordPress for example ) , you must keep track of the data that will be shown on the title tag ( usually the title) .
Use the resources mentioned above to determine the need to know the data and then put it on the title to attract the attention of search engines .

Also, try to use popular keywords and ” strong ” in the title tag , description and tags for your video clip posted on YouTube or other video sharing services .

3 . Write a description tag for each page as attractive as some webmasters totMot that the written description is superfluous for the website , but it does have a certain number of values ​​. Some search engines , such as Google , use this to describe the short introduction below displays the title of the website in search results pages ( SERPs ) . Briefly describe in detail but may entice viewers to your website other than the same type of website , including which pages are ranked higher . And you know, the click rate ( CTR ) is one of the factors that directly influence the ranking of Google results .

4 . Transition from traditional journalism style to style SEOSu repeat or keyword density still plays an important role in your rankings on search results ( even though it no longer occupies unique position as before when Google ) .

Therefore, you can forget the way the text shows that traditional rigid thinking to match the thinking of more search engines .

5 . Putting keywords in the URL whenever there is theCac pricing search engine keywords within the URL . If you put the keyword in the domain name is pretty good , but if you add both the path to the subdirectory or the other , the new site is really good .
Instead of using the full path of the letters meaningless long hours in line , configure the CMS study using sentences , word meaning , keywords inserted ideal path , this will make your website easier to honNgoai find out , instead of using the ” _ ” , use the ” – ” to separate words in URLs .

6 . Never to many link points to a single article nhatHinh penalty for duplicate content sin has made news sites lose their position in the search results forever . Do not attach a post to too many different URL . A reference to the article and many more tag index page then fine , but not so much refer to a viet.Hau path of the decision of Google to rank a website on the search results based on the number of and quality of links pointing to a separate page .
Focus on the quality of each individual path points to an article .
Posting content on many web addresses simply diluting the power of those URLs that go alone .

7 . Create a permanent site to post stories and issues should continue Note In ideal conditions , it should focus all content links to an article , the topic is being monitored by a single URL most . However, it is extremely difficult in the real world where every day new posts new new URLs . So create a fixed address to the related article links can point to it , to help promote and attract the eyes of the search engine to your work .

8 . Never leave a dead link or change the URL path without redirectCac 301 search engines still work and react to the different responses of the Web server where the search engine referred to a nonexistent path . ” 404 page not found error or ” respond worst server can offer .

Do not let that happen , instead , use a ” 301 redirect ” to let search engines know your new address has been used instead of the old address is no longer active . That will prevent relegation website ‘s URL when it is changed .

9 . Use bit.ly or other URL service collapse which supports 301 redirectKhi use a URL address has collapsed , need to make sure that search engines should be noted that the access link is diverted directly to your website is not to provide site services reduced . bit.ly is one of the best services to meet that requirement .

Search engines still time to get all the information in the URL even if it is collapsed .

10 . Links to other great sites and invite them to place links to your site on this page last hoChieu is the most important and also the most challenging . Every form right SEO content within the page will not be effective if the other sites are not ” vote of confidence ” that put links to your website .

Use these skills as well as advertising media social networks , how to know about the great website and agree your page link exchange proposal . How do they see it as a win-win proposal loi.Ket Comments: There may be other SEO tactics , as sitemap of your site such news , but 10 tips on SEO can be enough to help amount of traffic your site achieve than expected .